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The account has the ability to change the data to yours! You can change your mail and password!

It is also possible to play online!

❗️ Please read all terms and conditions carefully before buying!


No refund only replacement if the account is out of order upon purchase ❗️


After purchasing the product, you get:
✅ View account – login @ domain: password or login: password (login data for
❎ Mail for this product is not available!


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Change account information:
1. Entering mail and password –
2. Go to settings –
3. Click “Edit” –
4. Change your mail –
5. Change your password –
No confirmation from old mail is required!
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1. Go to and press ENTER.
2. Enter the data received after purchase
3. Go to the GAMES tab and press LOGIN (screenshot)
4. In the upper right corner, click on the icon, in the menu that appears, select GAME DOWNLOAD (screenshot)
5. Click DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS (screenshot)
6. Install and enjoy the game!
7. Also, do not forget to change your mail and password
Purchase terms:
1. The store provides you with an account immediately after payment. All accounts look like – login @ domain: password. Data from the Social Club system.
2. After purchasing an account, its further fate rests entirely on your shoulders. We have no control over your account and your actions. Can you change your password / resell / donate to a friend / computer viruses / etc.?
3. If the account you bought is invalid (login: password does not fit), then immediately (within 10 minutes) write a message via the “Correspondence with the seller” form (available after payment for the goods). Not to be confused with the REVIEW questionnaire!

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If you do not agree with the rules described above, please DO NOT buy the product





When a young street rogue, a retired bank robber and a dangerous psychopath find themselves embroiled in a showdown with the most frightening and crazy members of the criminal world, the US government and the entertainment industry, they must carry out a series of risky raids to survive in a ruthless city where they cannot be trusted. to anyone – and first of all to each other.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC lets players explore the famous world of Los Santos and Blaine County in up to 4k and 60fps resolution.

The game offers many PC-unique settings, including over 25 individual parameters for adjusting the quality of textures, shaders, tessellation, anti-aliasing and more, as well as support and customization of keyboard and mouse controls. Additional features include a city population slider that controls traffic density and pedestrian traffic, dual and triple monitor support, 3D support, and plug-and-play functionality for gamepads.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC also includes Grand Theft Auto Online with support for 30 players and two spectators. Grand Theft Auto Online for PC includes all previously released gameplay enhancements and Rockstar-created content, including the recently released Heists Update and Adversary Mode, available from Day One.

The PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online feature a first-person view that gives you an even closer look at the incredibly authentic world of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC introduces the Rockstar Editor, a collection of powerful creative tools to quickly and easily record, edit, and publish videos from Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The Director Mode available in the Rockstar Editor allows players to create their own scenes featuring famous characters from Story Mode, pedestrians, and even animals. In addition to the advanced camera control system, editing modes, including fast and slow playback, and a number of camera filters, players can add music from the GTA V radio station library and dynamically change the intensity of the game’s music playback. The finished videos can be easily uploaded directly from the Rockstar Editor to YouTube or the Rockstar Games Social Club.

The game’s soundtrack creators, The Alchemist and Oh No, are back as hosts for a new radio station called The Lab FM, which broadcasts new and exclusive music by these authors based on the game’s original soundtrack. The station’s guests include Earl Sweatshirt, Freddie Gibbs, Little Dragon, Killer Mike, Sam Herring from Future Islands and other musicians. Plus, players can explore Los Santos and Blaine County with their chosen music – thanks to the new Self Radio, which plays player-generated soundtracks.


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